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Marcus Emerit Newton’s book, Meadian Standard Time, is available at Barbed Wire Books! Feel free to stop in for it or contact us through this website (click the tab About then Contact) and send us an email. We are also happy to ship if necessary.

This book is the perfect companion to his brother Ron’s two books on growing up in a family of 20 children.

Marcus Emerit Newton tells stories of the first eighteen years of his life in Mead, and each chapter is in the form of a short essay that he originally wrote in the 1990’s for the Greeley Daily Tribune. Collectively referring to himself and his characters as Meadheads, Newton Humorously recalls memories about himself, his family, schoolmates, farmers and other community folk.

Marcus Emerit Newton’s book,  Median Standard time.

Marcus Emerit Newton’s book, Median Standard time.