Meet Barb Dwyer


Each month, Barb Dwyer, our inspiration, our muse, graces our front window by introducing a theme that she thinks is appropriate.  We never know what she'll spring on us next.  These month-long visits have run the gamut from a Handicrafts Barb to Construction Barb to Writer Barb.  Who knew she had so many different aspects to her personality?  Because of the public nature of the space, we have had to talk to her from time to time, but she always reassures us that her displays will be within the law and pleasing to passersby.  Come by and say hello.

Stop by and see our current window in person!

Check out past Barb Dwyer window displays below!


I love seeing the new displays on my nightly ride home on the bus from Boulder. They always make me smile.

-Beverly LaRoe